1st day – Palermo

I’ve got a good deal for thr flights from London to Sicily using British Airways Avios points. Paid £100 for two tickets and using companion voucher for my brother. Also it was business class tickets!

Fast check im, fast track security and club lounge comes together with business class tickets. The food in club lounge was OK. Didn’t have much time to enjoy the lounge since our Piccadilly line was terminated two stops before terminal four. So we had to take packed bus for another 15-20min.

The flight was smooth and the food on board was great as well as the service. I couldn’t decide which white wine to get, so flight attendant suggested to try them both 😂

It was getting dar whenwe were landing in Palermo.

We went to pick up our car – Fiat Panda 🐼. At checkout they told us to take a ticket number (there was no one else there! ). Also I found out that they didn’t charge the full amount only £44 out of £290. On top of 1100€ deposit, another 183€ deposit for petrol and the remaining 275€ for the car! They offered full relax insurance of course! I had relax insurance which I paid £90 extra, but that apparently doesn’t include scratches. There is always a catch with those cheap rental companies! This one was Goldcar! Oh yes our car from £200 became £550 including full insurance for 265€. We decided to take full insurance after assistant intimidated us that in vase of scratch minimum 600€ penalty also with insurance you don’t nees to pay 1100€ deposit. We took the pictures of our Panda and we saw other car having troubles for scratches on the wheels as they didn’t take insurance. Plan full coverage ahead! Believe me you will need full coverage in Sicily!

The parking was a nightmare in Palermo. You can’t enter some streets because of signs like this:

For example we encountered this one in Syracuse:

Apparently it means you cannot go with old cars that pollutes a lot. From what we understood your car must habe a blue sticker.

Be ware of these signs as fines will come to you without being pulled over. There are cameras in most of the cities. Also you need to understand the text below, as it sometimes have hours or other specific transport means that it is limiting. There was blu zone, only for buses and etc. Very confusing!

So it took us going in circles couple times trying to find an entrance to our B&B. Then accidentally we ended up on a pedestrian street, with no signa warning about it. We will see if we get a fine for that one…

In the end we parked 1km away in Lincoln streey which had plenty of free parking. Beware not to park in resident only parking. Signs that say “in senso oblique” are fine, it means park your car in angle.

After a shower we left for a walk in Palermo.

The city is beautiful but a lot of houses are detioriating and only metal poles holding them together. Even the lamps were flickering in a scary manner, like a horror movie.

we stopped at Drinkeria for a glass of wine. 3€ per glass. Next to where we sat was a fountain and another building that is falling down. Very different environment for a drink.

Some wooden sculptures in fron of the church.