Route 66 – Monument Valley to Page, AZ – Day 12

We woke up at 6:00 am. Actually I woke up several times at night as the wind was so strong and I thought it is gonna take down the tent. The tent hold off the wind. So when I saw first light of the dusk I woke up everyone saying that we should go for sunrise to the same place where we watched sunset. So we quickly jumped into car and went there. We were around 10min before sunrise. It looked so amazing!

Here it was the sun coming out behind the horizon! I filmed it and took some pictures! It was totally worth it to wake up earlier.

We got back to campground and went for a nap for another hour. I woke up first and started making coffee and breakfast: cucumber with tuna. We were having troubles to boil the water. First, because it was so windy! Second, the altitude was 1500m, which means the boiling point was lower. The coffee was just disguising. I was the last one to take the shower, which is powered by solar energy. The water ran out and I was all covered in shampoo! I lowered it down squeezing last drops of water, barely enough to rinse shampoo off.

Once we packed the tent and our stuff we headed to Monument Valley. Now we had to pay for entrance $20 for 4 people. They gabe us a map and we did a scenic drive in a really bad road. It looked authentic though. Just send and horse shit in most places. There was two hands with thumbs standing called (West Mitten Butte and East Mitten Butte)

We could see Three Sisters

Also an Elephant Butte. A quick stop at Artist Point Overlook, which is perfect for painting the landscape. It looks beautiful!

Most amazing was North Window Overlook, after which we left Monument Valley.

A spear rock looked so sharp!

We were heading to Page. Navajo Generating Station was seen from far away.

We stopped for lunch at slackers and had some amber beer. The burger was delicious!

Then we went to our campground. We passed Glen Canyon Dam which looks huge and impressive!

We even went to Glen Canyon Dam Overlook to take a better look at the damp and Colorado river!

Then we set up our ten in am amazing place at Wahweap RV & Campground! Near the Lale Powel. To enter the National Park we used our National Park pass.

Our camp site view :

Right after we set up the camp, we went to see the Horse Shoe! The View was just spectacular!

We came back at sunset, since we stopped shopping at Walmart.

Just right after sunset we went for a swim. The water was so warm!

Today we drove 200 miles.