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Still on the train

It is 6:30 am. I am still in the train. It turns out the trip is not 12 hours, but 14! The morning is very beautiful! I have slept a little bit, but not so well. People were spitting all night on the floor and kept waking up. I even lost appetite to eat anything. …


On the train to Hai’angang

I have slept a little bit in the train. Sunset was amazing and even took some photos from the train. The train is very loud, crowded with local people. Suddenly it got really hot. They switched off the air conditioning. It is because they are loading the train to the ferry! Huge ferry! It looks …


Waking up with the dawn

An early morning in the train. I have spent already 13 hours in it! Another 10 hours to go! Total distance from Shanghai to Guilin is around 1600 km, hence 23 hours by train!