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On the train to Hai’angang

I have slept a little bit in the train. Sunset was amazing and even took some photos from the train. The train is very loud, crowded with local people. Suddenly it got really hot. They switched off the air conditioning. It is because they are loading the train to the ferry! Huge ferry! It looks …


Noodles in f***ing ferry

Just great! We have been waiting for one hour until the ferry will start moving. It is really humid and warm ย on board. So many people around and some of them even smoking! I have managed to eat some noodles. I have bought the box of noodles on board. Went to put hot water on …


Ferry to Haikou

I have one more story to tell! I’ve met a dutch couple in the bus, so at least I had someone to talk to. I had difficulty to write anything while on the bus, since it was shaking so much. We finally have arrived to the shore just a little bit after the midnight (2:30 …