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Traveling to Porto

I took the bus 7:14am from my bus stop to Airport. Not so early as usual. However, the bus was quite empty. only 6-7 passengers in total. I think people are panicking about Covid-19 aka Coronavirus or Wuhan Virus. I was thoroughly cleaned the seat and handles in the bus before taking my seat. That …


In Shanghai Airport

I am already in Shanghai airport. The security somehow let me in, though I was very tipsy. I was barely standing on my feet. They are probably going to measure the temperature again in the air plane. I haven’t slept all night and I am starting to get a hangover now. I took Maglev, the …


Landed in Finland

I just have landed in Finland – Helsinki airport. It is so cold in here! You can’t imagine! Good thing I took a jacket with me. Started having a headache, but that happens sometimes from the flight. I am unable to send emails to blog as I have planned before, so it means going to …