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The capital of Bulgaria. I have some Bulgarian friends, so I wanted to visit it. Quite different from what I’ve expected. It is very post soviétic city. A lot of communism style statues across the city. The pavements not very good and be careful stepping on the well lids. No, not because of superstition, because …



Not many photos as my phone has failed me. Loosing connection and camera can’t focus anymore. All images crap. Budapest was quite windy and cold. Though the views were spectacular at night by the river. So most of my time spent in Spa warming up. My favorite is Rudas Thermal spa. Less touristic than Gellért …



I’ve stayed couple nights in Airbnb in Prague. Very central place and easy to reach. It cost me around £85 for two nights for entire place. I went for a walk into old town and managed to walk around most of the things in 3 hours. Ignore blured photos as my phone doesn’t focus anymore. …