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2nd day in Cuba – Trinidad

Today was a bit crazy. First we went to see Lomo de La Cruz. Beautiful views of Holguin. We lost our “highway” and ended up in a complete pueblo. No road basically. Locals were starring at hour car and even jumping from their chairs to see it. Finally when we made to our asfalt “highway” …


1st day Holguin, Cuba

The flight was very long and entertainment media on Thomas Cook flight honestly sucks! 6 movies and 6 TV show episodes. Only one movie was watchable, the rest rubbish. Can’t wait to fly with them home! Will die from boredom. Visas for Cuba (Cuba entrance card) we ordered online via website. Paid around £25 …


Booking a car in Cuba

Rent your car at least 6 months before travel online. All agencies are government owned and best is to book via 3rd party in Europe. One friend of mine used Cuba Travel network, but on arrival they didn’t have their booked 2 cars so they gave them a private mini bus with a designated driver. …