Traveling to Porto

I took the bus 7:14am from my bus stop to Airport. Not so early as usual. However, the bus was quite empty. only 6-7 passengers in total. I think people are panicking about Covid-19 aka Coronavirus or Wuhan Virus.

I was thoroughly cleaned the seat and handles in the bus before taking my seat. That surgical alcohol from Boots really making a good use. I soaked regular wipes with it, so it would have desinfecting properties. Well at least I hope it does.

Portugal seems to be the safest country in terms of Covid – 19. Porto has few cases of it already, so it is a bit worrying, but I am sure I have higher chance of getting it while commuting in London. London tubes can be really filthy. Not to mention that rails are all the time sticky from sweat, hand creams and now hand sanitisers.

Gatwick was busy as usual. Don’t really feel Lowe numbers of passengers. Queues to security as well. My back really stinks alcohol… I think that spirit from wipes is leaking haha. I put it in a plastic bag in a hope that security won’t get bothered with it. Security was smooth and fast. I must say Gatwick really improved their security checks lately. Last time I’ve travelled to Bordeux it was super quick. Even today it took barely couple of minutes.

My colleagues told me not to touch the trays while passing security as research shows they contain loads of germs. So straight after I passed to security I rushed to the bathroom to wash my hands. Well actually before and after weeing haha. Somehow all that madness really gets into you.

I still have couple of hours until the flight to Porto. So I grabbed nice salmon toast eggs, coffee americano and a glass of red. Funny enough, they ran out of regular coffee… Not only you can’t buy it in the grocery shops, but cafes are probably savinging it too.

Finally, boarding! All seems on time. However, I don’t see any precautions from airport employees including gate staff, touching every passport or mobile phone. Staff in Boots moved the machine to scan boarding pass so that they don’t need to touch it. Mobiles have all the germs! No face masks, no hand sanitiser dispensers, no body temperature scans – nada! No wonder numbers of infected piling so fast compared to Honk Kong for example. Passengers wearing masks wear them most of the time incorrectly with big gaps on the side or wearing dust Filtering masks which are useless against tiny Covid-19 virus.