Dark Side of Sicily

Sicily is Beautiful island. Amazing nature and building and even more amazing food an people. However, mankind doesn’t appreciate nature sometimes. Same goes for local governments not taking care of pavements, monumetns and buildings letting them to detiorate in time as water, heat and plants keep destroying them.

I’ve decided to take pictures of trash and growing plants on pavements and buildings in all the cities I go.


Palermo to Cefalu road


Next to Cefalu

On the way to Taormina


The stairs need salt or herbicides!


I think Catania was the dirtiest of all…

Dump ground for tires in the abandoned building.

Dump ground next to Etna Volcano

You can see loads of plastic.

Dumping ground next to Sbarcatore Turks


Generally very clean city, but some pavements forgotten.

Signs need changing as sometimes you can’t see what actually signs means.

Why fix the problem of falling plaster when you can just close entire road for cars and pedestrians! People choose to ignore signs.


Instead of fixing the tiles they just put a patch of asphalt!

Last but not the least, Syracuse amphitheater was completely forgitten and plants are destroying this monument. Shouldn’t the government putting some herbicides or slat to eradicate that vegetation in order to preserve this beauty?

The only place that seems to recycle is Syracuse. Didn’t notice anywhere elsee. Though Taormina and Cefalu had no trash in the streets.


Almost every road stop is like a landfill. Don’t understand the logic of the people throwing away the whole bags of trash.


Castello di Montechiaro

Valley de templi, Agrigento

Surprisingly enough even with a lot of cameras and when you pay 12€ for entrance you can find plastic trash in the ruins. Yes people throwing them are dull, but why the park staff doesn’t clean it up either? We pay for entrance to the park which should be spent for maintenance and improvement of the park, but you can barely find bins…

Don’t get me wrong Valley de Templi overall is very clean due to many CCTV cameras I guess. Just lacks bins and WC.

Costa Bianca

Amazing beauty beach, but getting polluted by glass and plastic. Captured only some of them.


More to come…