4th day – Hiking in Cefalu

First stop was to visit Cefalu Cathedral and see the Jesus fresca. Apparently it is the best compared to Monreale and Palermo ones.

Make sure you are not wearing tank top as you won’t be allowed to enter. Entrance is free of charge.

Then wondering the streets of Cefalu we went to Rocca di Cefalu.

Entrance was 4€ per person and we were able to pay by card!

The hot weather didn’t make it easy to climb the steps. Great that we had plenty of water!

First we reached the temple of Diana. Welll more ruins of the temple…

Then we took around from a panoramic viewpoint, which had amazing views.

There were other ruins of the temple. Stones seemed much bigger!

Climbing up had more and more views!

Finally we reached the ruins of castelo!

Then all the way down and to the beach.

I love the signs in Sicily! I doubt anyone can understand them. Sometimes the arrows point to wrong direction, e.g. left arrow can mean straight ahead.

A lot of places in the beach were empty as it was around 5pm.

We stopped at supermarket and since we didn’t have bottle opener we got a tetra pack wine for around 1€ for 1l. Bargain!

After some rest in hotel we went out for another walk. First was ancient laundry place – Lavatoio Medievale Fiume Cefalino. I loved this sign of how you must walk in public. No beach attire! 😂🤣 Feel free to wear your flip flops though.

Next stop Porta Pescara.

Then watching waves and sunset nearby at the special mall.