2nd day – Palermo

The streets of Palermo look muchbbetter during day time. Though buildings are falling down, so hurry up if you want to see that view. Some streets were quite dirty and full of trash. I will make a separate blog post about the dark side of Sicily.

First we walked to see Colonna dell’Immacolata in Plaza San Domenico next to San Domenico Church (Chiesa San Domenico) which we didn’t manage to get in unfortunately.

Then we strolled by Massimo Theater which looks really impressive! Great example of classicism architecture!

After that we headed to Cattedrale di Palermo. Magnificent building6and must see in Palermo!

We’ve paid for tickets to get on the roof terrace, cript and museum. Total 10€ per person. Totally worth it! Especially the roof top!

It was nice to cool down a but in the crypt as outside was 36°C.

After that we passed Villa Bonanno, which was very nice park!

We reached Porta Nuova in no time.

We decided not to go to Norman Palace, which includes Capella Palantina as it was another 10€.

Suddenly we felt hungry. We stopped at a place called Sfrigola palermo, which is specialising in Arancini! Single arancini 2.5€. The beer was 4.5€. Arancini was delicious!

They had a lovely board with flags of countries which the customers are coming from.

While we were going to Cappuchini catacombs we stopped for coffee (1€) and cannolo, which was delicious for 2€.

Funny thing people don’t use printers here and write the signs on whatever. Here is the sign for cleaning in progress in the barthtoom.

There was some interesting abandoned building with wooden carvings on our way.

When we arrived to Cappuchini Catacombs the gates were locked. It closed at 2pm. We arrived 2:08pm. Damn it! They might have reopened later, but it wasn’t indicated in the time table (I saw in tourist informaiton, but not clear how outdated it was).

We walked all the way back in the heat!

We stopped at baroque style church Chiesa del Gesù. They charged for entrance so I just took some pictures before entrance.

Another quick stop at Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio. 3€ entrance. The church is fascinating!


e didn’t go inside of Church of San Cataldo as it was a separate ticket.

On our way home we passed Piazza Pretoria and its fountain Fontana Pretoria. Fascinating sculptures around the fountain.

Last stop was Quattro Canti, fountains at four corners. Close to the pedestrian street which we accidently drove through.

And very final stop was Lidl to buy sime wine. Wine here you can buy for under 2€ in glass bottle and in tetra pack for less than 1€, which tastes quite alright!

Also local oranges are vedy delicious!!!