Not many photos as my phone has failed me. Loosing connection and camera can’t focus anymore. All images crap.

Budapest was quite windy and cold. Though the views were spectacular at night by the river. So most of my time spent in Spa warming up. My favorite is Rudas Thermal spa. Less touristic than Gellért Thermal Bath or Széchenyi Thermal Bath, which are the most famous and fanciest thermal baths in Budapest, also more expensive and busier with tourists, so not really relaxing when you are bumping into other people in the pool.

I was staying in Airbnb near the St. Stephen’s Basilica, which once again looks amazing at night. Many restaurants around. Have eaten Goulash again and Hungarian sausages and must say was better than last time I’ve visited, just felt that I was overcharged with service fee.

Many people sick with flu, including my host, so was trying to avoid crowded places. Some people wearing masks in the street haha.

I would come back again to Budapest. Lovely city and great food. Had an amazing pizza in Local Korner! Waiter poured me extra wine as it was the end of the bottle haha.