I’ve stayed couple nights in Airbnb in Prague. Very central place and easy to reach. It cost me around £85 for two nights for entire place.

I went for a walk into old town and managed to walk around most of the things in 3 hours.

Ignore blured photos as my phone doesn’t focus anymore. A known issue with OnePlus 3T.

For dinner I went in a place called “La Vie” – steak house/shop that sells beef. I was so hungry! A waiter heard my accent and immediately asked in Russian if I speak Russian. I said I can try as I’ve forgotten most of it. She was very kind and attentive. I’ve chosen a Rib Eye steak for around 700CEK (~£24), which didn’t seem very cheap, but still cheaper than London. I undrtood when she brought a plate. The steak was huge! 3cm thick and in size of two palms. Sicne I couldn’t finish all of it, they packed to take away.

This was my breakfast of half steak.

Now waiting for a flight in the airport and really bored. By the way security experience wasn’t very nice. A guy had too big container of some liquid and security guy told him to throw it away or check-in the bag. Then a friend of his suggested to put in a smaller container (in the toilet) which was under 100ml, but security guard said still no. So inhumane!

Also when I was passing the gates I beeped and the guy was looking at me and talking swabs from my palms and belly testing for drugs. I was so sleepy and the way he looked into my eyes felt very bad!

Anyway, will go for a pint or something. Finally, leaving Prague.