15th day in Cuba – to airport

We got up early and had our small breakfast for 3CUC in our casa – fried eggs, pan and coffee.

We decided to go to the beach in Gibara. We were considering Playa Blanca, which we should have went there instead.

The road was quite good and we got there in 30-40min as it was around 30km. As we drew through Gibara we saw some small beaches and one of them was so tiny that you had to squash by the wall if you didn’t want the water to reach you.

I suggested to drive further and see if there is another beach as it was shown on the map. The paved road disappeared and there was only unpaved road. It was quite bad and the coast seemed very rocky. Even after another 15min drive when we passed the spot marked as beach, there was nothing, just many wind turbines. We were impressed that they had so many and none of them were spinning. Each sector of them had a guard in a box sitting and watching.

We turned back. Parked in Plaza de Silva. The barrow Beach was too narrow, so we decided to go to another one, which turned out to be too dirty and full of trash, hence we didn’t stay there. It was really sad that such a beautiful beach with a lot of potential was so trashed with plastic and other stuff. Locals don’t care and tourists probably don’t go there. To attract tourists they should maintain it. I even wouldn’t mind to pay 1CUC to enter it.