14th day in Cuba – on the way to Holguin

We got up at 6:00am, packed our bags, had breakfast (no one brought even coffee lol, since we tipped only bartenders), got a coffee from coffee bar (proper coffee, not so watery as in breakfast place) and took off just before 8am. The morning fog was on the road.

The drive was smooth. We stopped only to wee by the road side couple of times and refill fuel.

The drivers always warn you with blinking lights about police, animals on road or people running through the road.

We arrived to Holguin around 5:30pm. So entire 700km was in 9.5h.

Our Airbnb host recommend a restaurant called “Bella Vista”. The food is very cheap here! Lobster 10CUC, grilled shrimps 6CUC, beer 1.4CUC. Portion of beans and rice is humongous!

Hanging out in Holguin main square.