13th day in Cuba – Varadero

All morning in beach. Yesterday for dinner we got diluted wine with water. White or red the same – water with color.

We found the room perfectly cleaned and towels changed, swans from blankets and curtains tied up nicely, just because we left 1CUC, some toothpaste, toothbrush and hair crunchies.

After lunch we went shopping for cigars. One shop “La casa del Havana” seemed a bit expensive and had only Montectisto No. 2 in packs of 3, for 36CUC. We went to another shop and the prices weren’t even listed, same Montectisto No. 2 was 39CUC. Also after purchasing for 108CUC we asked for receipt, but the ladies refused to give a receipt into the cash machine. So we decided that they just made up higher prices and don’t want us to see the real thing. They gave th cash back and took the goods, but we forgot that they have us 2CUC change already. Oh well, first time we scammed the scammers!

Then we went to check the shop in the hotel. It had most of the same cigars, but was slightly more expensive.

We returned to the commercial center and on our way to La Casa Dr Havana we stopped at some gift shop that had cigars. Everything was slightly cheaper! I bought some gifts! Since I was playing by card the amount was multiplied by 1.03 as they charge extra for dollar exchange, though my card is in pounds.

We spent rest of the afternoon in the beach with PiƱa Coladas.

For dinner again diluted wine and some meat with vegetables. After dinner we went to the beach, stargazing on sunbeds and chatting about life.

At 10pm there was a show, some Cuban dances. I was tired so went to sleep early.