10th day in Cuba – Cayo Jutias Beach

Not much to tell today. We went to deserted beach. The road was really bad from Viñales. A lot of animals on the road.

Once we arrived to Cato Jutias we were charged 3CUC for guarding our car. We could ignore the guy and not pay (we learned that!), but safer if we want to find our way intact.

A walk to that deserted beach was quite long. We passed the commercial beach with restaurant and sunbeds and continud the shore until we had to turn to the path in the bushes. We walked around 30min and then the path was gone and it looked like a beach, but we continued through the forest, full of mosquitoes and spider webs. At some point we were thinking to turn back as it looked getting denser and some swamps on the side with palms, but then we went toward the sea through pine trees and we saw sand! The beach was almost untouched. Full of star fishes, crabs and other animals .

It was a bit widy, so we couldn’t feel the blazing sun. I thought I need some tan, since I was putting 50SPF sunscreen before so now nada.

It was 2pm so we decided to head back since the way was quite long to the car. This time we packed everything in our backpacks and went through the shore and sea, not the forests. It was a bit easier, but I could feel sun burning my shoulders and back. Only then I realised how much I have burnt. Way back was quicker for sure, but still too around 40min.

Then we drove back to Havana. It was getting dark and we still had to go for another 70km. Luckily we reached home ssafely.

For dinner we went to La Cathedral restaurant. We found out that tapas and starters were so big that we didn’t need the main. Also they had spicy salsa, which was really spicy! I’ve ordered some chunks of pork, but they were a bit dry. In general the place was quite cheap and cocktails were great!