8th day in Cuba – Havana

Breakfast was too big today. We went to Area 53 cafe. They have double menus for locals and tourists as well as they gave us the wrong one first.

They had nice backon and fries with egg on top and also sandwiches were nice.

Then we took the car to go to Plaza de Revolution. Parking guy didn’t charge us for parking for a first time. We took loads of pictures and decided not to go inside of Jose Marti Memorial as it felt a bit of scam.

After that we tried to find Colin Cemetery. We were going round in circles as it is not easy to turn left, you need to plan alternative routes to cross the road from perpendicular Road. In the end we drove around entire cemetery and parked a car in from of the gate, where Parking guy asked for 1CUC. We shouldn’t have given it. They all are so fake. No receipts and signs don’t mention any paid parking.

Entrance to cemetery was ticketed too. 6CUC per person! Tourists are ripped off everywhere.

Cemetery was huge and it is indeed a city within city. Many memorials and burial sites, angels, Jesus and St Mary. It was very quiet and peaceful, just some tourists coming in with cars inside disturbing the peace of the resting dead.

Then we drove to see the Christ of Havana and La CabaƱa castle. We didn’t pay for parking anymore. Walked around the Christ and in the castle (6CUC). Everything was closed in the castle at 3pm. Felt a bit of waste of money apart that we have took some pictures, otherwise not much to see.

On our way back we stopped at Cafe Laurent. Hardly visible from the street. A waitress took us by lift upstairs, where they had amazing terrace with amazing view. The prices weren’t too bad either, comparing with Cienfuegos and Trinidad. I’ve got a fancy grilled mixed sea food and shrimp cocktail as starter, couple of beers and a shot of Rum. Endeded up paying 50CUC for it.

Being tipsy, I was up for a drive in a passanger seat with one of those old cars at El Malecon. I’ve asked how much is it. A guy said 45CUC and hour, but he will do a discount for 40. I said we want 30min and he replied 20 then. I’ve bargained down to 15CUC. A drive on El Malecon was really thrilling and really worth it. The sun was setting down and we were enjoying nice golden colours and the breeze from the sea.

After some cocktails at home we were waking by the bank. People were fishing. Some of them were using inflated condoms as floats. I thought it was difficult to get condoms here.

The girls went for Salsa evening and we went to eat. After eating pork with onions (they do know how to prepare pork here) and another Cuba libre I felt like it was time to go to bed.