6th day in Cuba – Havana – Surviving Tornado

We’ve got a great breakfast in our casa for 5CUC and left for a walk in Cienfuegos before leaving. Took some pictures and walked for an hour and a bit and got back to our casa to pickup my sandals, which my host kindly took to fix free of charge. They look like new!

My stomach was upset still and had diarrhea in the morning. Must have had food poisoning from that fish that we ate at the beach.

Our plan was to go to El Nicho – amazing waterfalls. Initially we were scared of bad roads as before, but the road was pretty smooth and asfalt everywhere. It took us like 1hr to get there just following the signs El Nicho. We parked inside, the guy told us parking is free but entrance 10CUC per person. One local inside asked how much we paid for car rent. I didn’t want to tell him, as 2000CUC for them is like half life salary.

The park was stunning! A bit slippery on the stones, so make sure you wear the shoes (no hiking shoes necessary). We took loads of pictures! Pictures tells more than 100 words.

At the end of our hike we dipped into the water, which was freezingly cold and refreshing.

Our road to Havan was smooth, expecially driving highway (if you can call it a highway) was smooth. One taxi driver was racing with us all the time. Old cars were going 100-110km/h though they are made 70-90km/h maximum! Must be all parts have been upgraded in those 80 years. Surprisingly going really fast!

We caught some rain when approaching Havana.

Finding directions as usual was challenging, since no signs and Google maps was showing to drive against the traffic. So we relied on the map and our eyes. Eventually we found the place, but nobody was opening the doors when we were knocking. Somehow a girl working downstairs found out and ran to us to bring the keys.

Our host was very kind and gave loads of directions and advice. She also mentioned that storm is approahcing and we need to move a car up the hill a bit. I thought she was exaggerating, how can it flood so far from sea.

After quick shower we dressed, had some Rum and left for dinner. While we were sitting at the terrace it started raining. They closed the curtains down, so it doesn’t splash and then it started pouring and suddenly electricity went down. Waitress told us that we need to pay the bill. It was dripping through the ceiling, so we went inside. They were still cooking our food. I’ve ordered some brucheta and rice as mys stomach felt bad still (I threw up moments before going to restaurant). All food was delicious even in the dark. We used our mobile torches. In total we’ve paid 50CUC for 4 of us.

It kept raining and didn’t seem it is stopping. The road was becoming a river. We had to go home. I asked a waiter for plastic bag to put our phones so they don’t get wet and we headed off into the wild! What an experience! Water was above the knees almost reaching my underwear and we had to cross that double street! On the corner with another street was worse as seemed almost up to the waist. The cars that were passing were almost floating. Only trucks seemed not to care about the level of the water. We climhed on the edge of pavement with grass half meter above and ran towards home. All soaked wet.