5th day in Cuba – Cienfuegos – Rancho Luna

Today was very hard, after too much Rum in the karaoke bar. I barely slept 4 hours and my stomach was very upset.

It was a beach day. Our host recommend us to go to Rancho Luna, which is 16km to the South of Cienfuegos.

On the beach I ordered coconut with coconut milk inside. It was delicious and my stomach felt better already. Only 2CUC.

After spending some hours on the beach we took a short walk along the cost. The prostitutes in the bushes were calling us. There was a other more beautiful cost further away!

Eventually we got hungry and the waiter on the beach said they have food and can bring a table to the beach, but we decided to eat near “bar”. We agreed to eat fresh fish. Waiter said something which I didn’t understand clearly. When fish came in it was so fried that it was very difficult to eat. Taste was OK though. Meanwhile dogs were running around and one of them peed on my bag. I grabbed my bag to clean with wet wipes, my coconut was on the ground too, so wasn’t sure it suffered dog pee too. I suddenly lost my appetite. Straight after one of the girls screamed showing the tick in the leg. Luckily everyone has finished eating. We all started looking for them on us.

We asked for the bill and we were scammed. Beer was 4CUC for a can, fish 12CUC each instead 10CUC. He said he told us, but I didn’t understand what he was saying. Surely, he forgot to mention price difference.

Another half an hour on the beach and we came back home. Showered and went to see the city. It was getting dark. I bought some magnets. 1CUC each, if buying more cheaper. Some places they don’t want to bargain, but in some they encourage.

We passed hour karaoke bar and it turns out the lake was near by!

It was completely dark and 7:00pn and we were getting very hungry. We decided to go back to “A la my love”. We’ve got the last table there. Waiteress was smiling and happy to see us. Unfortunately they had no lobsters that were recommended by our host. Apparently you need to come early. Also, they had no smoked pork either, which I loved. However, I was feeling a bit sick and nauseous in my stomach. I’ve ordered bifsteak with ham and cheese inside. The food came after a good hours. Here in Cuba people are not in rush. Peope were queueing outside to get a table.

We’ve noticed that locals get different menu. So I saw same dish I ate costs around 70CUP, I’ve paid 9CUC. More than 3 times more expensive for tourists.

I’ve tasted a bit of my bifsteak but I couldn’t eat at all, felt nauseous.

After dinner we’ve got home and my host made me mint tea and I went to sleep. Everyone short after followed. No night out on Saturday.