3rd Day in Cuba – Trinidad. Beach day!

This more we woke up quite late only 7am, since we went to sleep after 1am. We were celebrating our friend’s birthday as well as celebrating of having one hour of Internet connection. You start appreciating modern world!

This morning we ate breakfast in the casa. It was bigger and more variety than in Holguin : coffee, sandwiches, cheese, sausage, fruits, home make bread, pan friend sweet bread. Each 5CUC.

9:30am we were already in Anconos beach. Had to pay 2CUC for umbrella and the car but for all that’s OK. Mojitos 3CUC each. A very hot Cuban guy bringing them coming for a small tip. Though he could have asked more frequently if we need a refill.

Paradise on earth. So relaxing and waves are amazing!

After some hours on the beach we went for some fancy lunch. Local lobster sounded very good. 24CUC for it and 2CUC for a beer. The place was called Grill Carib. Lobster was delicious, though with some lemon would have been nicer. We didn’t see anywhere lime or lemons on sale. Must be difficult to get them here.

After lunch chilled out in air conditioned room, the Cuba libre cocktails at home and walking in the town before dinner at our casa particular (10CUC each).

We’ve got pizza to share just before dinner and God they love salt here! So salty! Same for fish at dinner, too much salt.

So funny how all locals and tourists catching WiFi in Plaza Mayor. Instead of socialising everyone is in the phones. Globalisation! Cuba is changing too.