5th day in La Palma – Los Llanos, La Zamora 🇮🇨

In the morning we went to Los Llanos to buy a snorkelling mask for my friend. I had two, though one was leaking a bit and another extra.

Los Llanos is very beautiful. Very tidy and green.

After buying a mask for 21€ (would have been cheaper in SPAR at Puerto Naos, but lower quality), we stopped at areperia for quick lunch as it was almost midday. I had a nice arepa with beef (carne) and asked for extra cheese + Barraquito. All together was around 5€.

Straight after lunch we headed to Marine reservate called La Zamora. It tooks us awhile as there was construction on the road and cars could pass only one way.

We saw a lot of fish underwater! Pictures coming later from my Go Pro!

Once we got cold we packed up and went up to restaurant upstairs. We were lucky as from tomorrow it was closed for holidays for 10 days. That’s common here, no London rush, finding replacement who can work during your holidays. I had a fresh fish called Vieja. It was delicious!

When the sun started going down we decided to head home. Way back was even longer as traffic lights at free stops took from 5 to 10 minutes to turn green. But here in La Palma everyone has to be relaxed amd not stress themselves, as locals would say ‘tranquilo’.