3rd day in La Palma – Santa Cruz, Canarias ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡จ

Today we went to Santa Cruz de La Palma. Such a wonderful view. We parked a bit too far before the town as I was afraid that there might not be parking space.

We walked the main street callee Calle Real. We also popped in to the local church which looked amazing inside!

Amazing narrow street, which looks like almost like Cuba. After all a lot of Cubans living here.

That’s where I had to getting Canario certificate for living in Spain as well as NIE when I used to live here in 2012.

Iconic ship at the end of Calle Real. Must see.

Amazingly some Restaurants were closed for holidays for 10 days. In London they would make you either delay or cancel your holidays. So relaxed here.

We stopped in one of the pubs for a quick snack and coffee. We ordered some Prawns, Squid and Croquettes.

All together with beers and Barraquito, orange juice was just over 30โ‚ฌ for 3 people. Though Barraquito was not that good.

After that we went towards Los Balcones, which is iconic Monument of Santa Cruz and La Palma. On the way we stopped at some antique gift shop. The owner was a lovely elderly lady, who was telling as all sorts of stories, showing her grand children and friends on her mobile. I’ve bought some nice souvenirs there.

Walking by the ocean there was a big European flag waving. Well good this country has no Brexit.

Then we continued to Los Balcones. So beautiful!

No words needed.

After taking some nice pictures we went to the beach. ๐Ÿ–

Bad thing in Santa Cruz that after 1pm it gets cloudy. Same was when I was living here. Though good thing this week there is a mild Calima – wind from Sahara with sand. So air heats up. Even today with clouds was around 27-28C.

After beach we stopped in Columbian place for catchapas. This place used to be better and serve very nice exotic fresh fruits. That menu was not there anymore. Must be owners changed or something.

Catchapa with fresh cheese, lettuce and avocado was just 3.85โ‚ฌ. Still quite cheap.

Then we went back to the sunny side. Sat by the pool and reas ‘Ready Player One’.