2nd day in La Palma – La Galga, Canarias 🇮🇨

We got up around 8am. Had some black coffee, since we forgot milk, and some pastries and hit the road. We went towards Barlovento. Stopped for an ice cream before hike.

We’ve chosen a hike called Cubo de La Galga as it is a pretty easy one and comeback to same point where started amd has a parking lot. So perfect.

Once you enter the route you start noticing very green nature.

We’ve passed a water viaduct which looks beautiful within all that green nature.

A lot of fern plants along the way and in some places you had fields of them.

Rocky walls surrounded by green vegetation just makes you forget daily troubles.

The further we’ve got, the greener if was.

Huge rocks were laying at the sides of the path.

We climbed all the way to the viewpoint hoping to see astonishing view. It was also quite steep to climb to the top of it and was somewhat losing my breath.

When we reached it, we saw the fog. We came too late. As it was around 1pm and after noon Easter part of islands usually gets covered in clouds.

So we rested a bit. I’ve almost finished my 1.5 liter of water as it was still pretty warm. Even in the cloud.

So we walked the path down go La Galga and then came back to Cubo de La Galga to come back to our car. We felt hungry. I knes just the place!

When I used to live here, we used to go to Las Nieves to traditional Canarian food. The place called Bar Parilla. We had to drive via very narrow path and very steep, where had to stop to let other cars pass. Speed limit 20km/h.

We’ve ordered some Solomillo de cerdo and half chicken. One again I said polla instead of pollo. My friends laughed as it means something very vulgar.

With meat we’ve also got Mojo Picon, which is a spicy Canarian sauce which you got to try.

Im addition we’ve also ordered grilled chorizos – 1 each.

We’ve also had grilled goat cheese with mojo verde – the local green sauce that is amazing with cheese, potatoes and fish.

We’ve also got papas arrugas – Canarian potatoes boiled in sea water. Delicious!

So were so full! No dessert needed. All of that and 3 beers, water, orange juice and fish was around 55€ for 3 people.

Finally, we’ve driven back go our apartment and stopped in a gas station for some beers as all supermarket are closed on Sunday, just few open and I was too tired to drive around looking where to park close to them.

That was our another evening… Beautiful!