Edinburgh – Day 2

Today was better compared to yesterday. The sky cleared up and sunsine was visible from time to time. So we decided to climb on a hill overviewing Edinburgh city.

This globe next to Scotish Parliament looks really cool!

The regular paved path was closed due to falling stones so we had to go around it on a wet slippery grass.

We had to make a choice to go onto higher hill called Arthur’s seat or smaller one – Crags hill. It tooks us 45 min to climb it and go down. The views were stunning and pictures talk for themselves! Just had to be careful not to go too closely to the edge, since the wind gusts were really strong and also it was really cold!


After a hike we went back to our appartment and took a short nap and then ventured back to the town. Everything looked so much better in sunlight!

Though the Sun was almost setting we decided to go on Calton Hill, where the National Monument is.

Ahead of us were long stairs called Jacob’s ladder!

After a short hike we were on the top of the hill. Just in time to see the last phase of the sunset.

Here it was- the National Monument!

After seeing the National Monument we went down to see the Christmas Market. I must say it was quite big and not so crowded as London’s Winter Wonderland.

It even had a train going around shining garden. Awesome!

Got the dinner from Tesco’s as had no energy to go dine outside and that’s what gotmy attentio back to the flat.