Edinburgh. Weekend Escape – Day 1

We have arrived to Kings Cross station at 6:30am. I wanted to buy one of those small bottles of wine in Waitrose so i could sleep all trip, but unfortunately tills for alcohol are open only from 7am and that’s when was our train.

Virgin Train wasn’t very comfortable, but it was really fast. Also the heat was blasting in the train, that I could barely could breath.

Once we arrived, got the coffee in the station and it was cheap compared to Paris and much stronger!

Check-in at Airbnb was smooth and appartment really close to Scottish Parliament and Palace of Holyroodhouse.

We dropped our things and went sightseeing.

Just a stroll in the old town is impressive, even though the weather was not great, but old dark bricks and old buildings do the trick.

On our way to hotel I stop and look inside into one of the restaurants. They have a whole roasted pig in the window! It looks and smells so good!

Really tired after early morning and walking, so early night for me.