Route 66 – Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, NV – Day 14

Not much pictures on the road today as the heat was insane and it was too hot to open a window. Al’s we really rushed into civilization as camping for 5 nights in different temperatures wasn’t easy. Also we had no normal internet connection either.

We stopped for a quick tour at Hoover Damp, which was built during the depression era. That’s what makes Las Vegas an Oasis in the middle of the desert. Colorado river flow is greatly diminished. How long can this mirage last?

The views a really stunning from the damp.

Finally we reached Vegas! First thing that catches the eye are those fast marriage chapels. They even make fake wedding photos for 50$. Maybe should have made one.

That’s our hotel for two nights – Stratosphere!

In the evening we came out for dinner, but idea to walk was overwhelmed by the sand storm. Really unpleasant feeling of sand smashed into your eyes. So we took Uber to Weera Thai restaurant. The ride was 8.87$. For four of us it was nothing, compared to walking in the sand storm ha ha.

Today we’ve made 290 miles