Route 66 – Page to Grand Canyon – Day 13

We woke up early in the camping around 6:00 am. We had to be in Antelope Canyon Tour at 9:00. We prebooked it 5 months ago – per person. There was a funny sign next to one restaurant. Half burger for full price.

We were early for the tour. Backpacks not allowed, so we packed everything in sports sacks. We took us in special bus to the cave through dusty road. I think we were one of the first groups to arrive as the cave was almost empty when we arrived. I was expecting better views to be honest. The guide told us to put ISO setting to 800 and cloudy or sunny for best pictures. Without those settings pictures didn’t look that good. The guide was walking quickly and there was not much time for pictures. Basically he was pointing a laser where to take a picture. After around 20 min people started coming in and out, so it was difficult to spot a place without any people. Not much history if how it formed and etc. I heard other guides were more interesting from another group.

He pointed to Antelope head which you can see only from one point.

Towards the end of the tour it was hard to pass so many people! It is just a milking cow this canyon. I felt really annoyed.

It was sometimes too dark to take the pictures. I think it is better to pay double for photography tour where you can out tripod.

After the cave, highly disappointed and full mouth of sand we went to have a lunch. If you go take a face mask or respirator!

We went to Dam Bar & Grille. We were served by a waiter Sam and she did a great job! The house special steak and chicken wings were delicious!

Once full we went back to the beach in Glen Canyon near our camping place. Had a swim, cooled down and were on our way to Grand Canyon.

There was a lot of arguing and shouting, silence and crying before we reached Grand Canyon. Everyone were too tired being closed in one car and 4 nights camping in a row.

First we stopped at Little Colorado River Gorge Overlook. We had to donate for entrance.

We stopped at several view points of Grand Canyon but it was cloudy. Desert View Visitor Center.

Then Grandview Point.

Navajo fuel is more expensive as it has a tribal tax in top. Sometimes reaching per gallon opposed to what we have paid near Chicago around .

We arrived to campground late. So many deers on the road!!! We saw like 20 of them!

166 miles today.