Route 66 – Shelly Canyon to Arches National Park – Day 10

We packed our tent, made breakfast on the portable gas stove. We put a little bit too much of beef bouillon. Was impossible to eat.

First we went for a hike from White House overlook. It is the only trail in Shelly Canyon that doesn’t need a guide. 1.6 miles one way and down 600 feet in elevation. It took us almost two hours. You have to have at least a liter of water. Believe me it is worth the effort!

Antelope House overlook was impressive. One local Indian told us that her ancestors were hiding from the white men, who wanted to kill them.

Mummy overlook

Massacre overlook was the last one we saw in Shelly Canyon. It must be the place where a lot of Indians were killed.

We stopped at a local gas station and it was filled with money begging indians. Somewhat we felt unsafe as a group of then were watching us from far away.

Other ones were asking money for food.

We took a turn at Luckachukai into the mountain. I can’t explain how beautiful that road is. Steep and curvy and those rocks look amazing! You have to be very careful while driving though!

As we drove through the mountain we stopped at Buffalo Pass Campground. The view was breathtaking. We could see all valley and Shiprock far away.

We passed the red valley the one we could see from above.

We could see Shiprock from far away as we drive.

We even saw the sand devil – small whirlpool of sand.

Once we drove around we went closer to it.

But the paved road ended and the road was so awful that we just took some pictures from that point and turned around.

Everywhere we turned view was different and breathtaking. A potential wallpaper everywhere!

This rock looked nice on the side on the road.

The landscape was changing again. Rocks everywhere

Oil pumping machines everywhere. One field was just covered with those machines. Though petrol so far was the most expensive in this state.

We stopped at Four Squares Monument. Entrance fee per person. Must admit the idea of four states crossing is nice, but the place is not very well maintained. The toilets are awful.

There it was where four states cross.

After four monuments we drove through the road full if views, but since I was so tired I didn’t take anymore pictures.

The sunset was magical. And the sky got really dark at night, so we could see all stars.

Finally, was the time building tent. Everyone was so tired.

290 miles today in total.