Route 66 – Chicago to Springfield, IL – Day 3

I woke up 6:45 am. Still feeling jet lagged. We went for breakfast at 8 am and checked out around 9 am.

It was shopping time! We went to TJ Max fir clothes and stuff and Walmart for food.

I bought a new pair of jeans (bigger ones!), shorts and T-shirts. In Walmart we got some dried peppered beef (loads of it!). Also really cheap sleeping bags (like each). My amazing cousin organized us some blankets and sleeping bags too and loads of great snacks! She was a great help in Chicago!

First stop was Amber’s Texaco Gas Station in Dwight town.

A volunteer guys was very helpful and friendly. He left a really good impression of the gas station!

We left the pins in the map. Seems a few people came from Lithuania, but this year we were the first!

Standard Oil Gas Station was our second stop. Inside there was an old lady selling souvenirs. Not very talkative though.

Though the sign of Route 66 on the road was not the original route, but still we took some pictures. It is actually a slight detour from Route 66.

After that we went to Pontiac with high hopes of that big Route 66 sign.

We met a guy in a museum who’s father was Lithuanian. He rushed into the museum once he heard that we are from Lithuania. So friendly people.

Lucky us there was some Pontiac meetup today and we got a picture with a red Pontiac. Also they closed a street and charged for entrance to Pontiac event.

There was some more paintings on the walls that they call murals.

Sprague Super Service Station followed straight after. We just took some pictures and continued on the route.

Then we stopped at Atlanta’s Bunyon Giant. Again took some pictures. Impressive 19 foot statue holding a hot dog.

I even tested my strength. I reached up to Texas after few tries! The thing is a bit rusty and I think I blew out some screws out of it.

We stopped for a very late lunch there in Palms Grill Cafe. I had an amazing burger and the interior swept us back 20 years ago in time. Very authentic place and the waiter was very friendly and refilled our coffees like threw times. We really need good coffee!

Everyone was quite tired so we just quickly stopped at the Lincolns wagon for some pictures.

Quick stop for directions of the world.

We have entered Springfield, IL in the sunset. Just in time.

The drive was supposed to be 3h 19 min, but with all stops we took around 7 hours. We’ve done 220 miles.