Große Schnitzel

On Friday I went to Berlin again to meet my old good friend from studying times in university back in Lithuania. We met with some other her friends and went to have a dinner for very big Schnitzel. The restaurant was located in Sudenstrase. Schnitzel was approximately around 1 kg of meat! If you don’t believe me look at the picture!
By the way I have managed to eat 3/4 of it and ran out of the beer. Until the bartender came back with beer I couldn’t put anymore into my stomach. Anyway I was quite sick afterwards. lol

After big dinner we went on one of the roof tops in Berlin. The bar was very interesting, since it had a sand everywhere mimicking the beach. There was a plenty of cocktail choice in the bar! The bar itself was located on the top of garage (top floor!). A very good use of empty space I must say!