Cost of the trip in China

Finally I found some time to put the summary of expenses in China.

Hostel prices:
Shanghai – 40RMB per day (important to book in advance)
Guilin 40 RMB per day, for two nights total 80RMB
Yangshuo 40 RMB per day, for two nights total 80RMB
Guilin 40RMB per day
Sanya 52 RMB per day, for four nights total 108RMB
Guangzhou 60 RMB per day, for two nights total 120RMB
Hangzhou 60 RMB per day, for two nights total 120RMB
Beijing 65 RMB per day, for two nights total 130RMB
Shanghai 60 RMB per day, for two nights total 120RMB (the prices jumped in a month from 40 RMB to 60RMB per night)
All hostels were dormitory type with 2 bunk beds in a room (4 people), except Yangshuo where I have stayed in a twin room and in comparison to Shanghai it was quite cheap.

Motorcycle (electric) 50RMB/day
Motorcycle (petrol one) 150RMB/day
Bicycle 20RMB/day

Local taxi
Hangzhou – 30RMB (from station to hostel)+12RMB (from lake to hostel)
Shanghai – 50RMB
Sanya ~ 15RMB
Guangzhou ~ 40RMB
Beijing ~30RMB+6x10RMB=90RMB

Intercity transport:
Shanghai – Guilin 330RMB (train, hard sleep 22h)
Guilin – Yangshuo 120 RMB (bamboo raft~3h)
Yangshuo – Guilin 140 RMB (bus stoping in Rice terraces ~8h)
Guilin – Sanya 340RMB (sleeper bus ~20h)
Sanya – Guangzhou 330RMB (train, hard sleep ~20h)
Guangzhou – Hangzhou 194  RMB (train, hard seat 17h)
Hangzhou – Huanshan 99RMB (bus 4h)
Huanshan – Shanghai 140RMB (bus 6h)
Shanghai – Beijing 312RMB (sleeper bus ~19h)
Beijing – Shanghai 290RMB (sleeper bus ~21h)

Shopping in Silk market (fake stuff) – Beijing:
Fake Diesel shoes in Silk market- 200RMB
Shorts 2x40RMB
Stocks 5RMB
T-Shirt  15RMB (can throw away after first use)
Polo 40RMB (need to bargain hard)

Other expenses:
Air plane tickets –  1911 Lt (~£480)
Travel insurance ~125Lt(~£30)
Visa 290Lt (~£70)
Vaccination ~600Lt (~£150)
Food was daily around 30-60 RMB per day (~£3-7)

So subtotal expenses in China was around£570 +£730 for tickets, vaccinations and etc, so total around  £1300.

Not so bad having in mind I was staying 26 days there and travelled around a lot. The most expensive is the transportation. If you choose to fly in between cities it is going to cost you even more, but I guess that would save you a lot of time.