Last hours in China

Here I am counting last hours to the flight. Just 16 hours left!

I have barely 200 RMB in my wallet. I hope that will be enough for my entertainment today, i.e. for beer.

Not sure if I will have to take a taxi to the hostel. I will get back 100 RMB from hostel when checking out. So to get to airport and for breakfast that should suffice.

In the morning I had dumplings again for 5 RMB. I had to wait until the rain stops to go to the famous skyscraper, but until I got there it got cloudy, so I even didn’t go to the top – 88 floor.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower

The entrance was 50 RMB, so I decided not to go. Lunch was in Burger King, I have paid 20 RMB for the meal. It was quite delicious. Got back to the hostel and had a nap and I was hungry again. So I went to the streets to look for the cheap food. I could find anything and I was craving for dumplings again. To buy a whole chicken was too much, since I have no fridge and leaving tomorrow. So I went to the bakery and bought some buns. I have paid 15 RMB and ate them slowly while walking back to hostel. It was very nice!

In the evening I am meeting Daniel and Inger and we will go out together.
I took some Coldrex and anti-inflammatory pills. The head is alright, but I can feel it is some kind of virus. Some strange feeling in the heart area. Shit! I hope I won’t have fever tomorrow or I am stuck in here in the quarantine!

I will tell you more about Shanghai when I come back. It is incredible how it can change in 26 days! Completely! Almighty communism!