“Hunting” at night

All day was raining. Hence, I had to stay in the hostel and most of the time I spent next to computer. I have managed to run out to buy a polarised filter for my photo camera. Didn’t feel like going out anywhere as I have a headache and runny nose. Also, having stomach problems since morning. Only fever is missing and would be all symptoms of Swine Flu. I hope they will not put me into quarantine when coming back.

I got really hungry sitting and doing nothing. Once it got dark outside I was so hungry that had to go “hunting” for food. First, I found a barbecue street food – grilled pork on skewers, which was very delicious. Of course, I had to wait in a long queue, but it was worth it. The guy wasn’t in a particular hurry, could optimise his work better.

I found a bakery with bun sale. Must be they are selling out before closing. After some walking I came back to the barbecue place. I made it just in time, since the meat was almost over and it was after 10 pm already.

One guy is snoring in my room. Two other went out partying. Me staying in, since feeling sick, so better stay low and rest.