Haircut in Shanghai

I’ve made my mind to get a haircut in Shanghai. First I have asked how much it is going to cost. Only 40 RMB. There was 4 men and 4 women next to entrance dressed in uniforms like sailors. All white!

They put me into chair and one of the woman started washing my head with some foam. She was massaging it for a while and it felt good, just sometimes I could feel her long nails. Once she started massaging my neck I got completely relaxed. It was strange that this foam turned into some goo when they mixed with some other liquid and continued rinsing into my hair. After the massage they washed it away with water. When the woman washed my hair I sat down into another chair for the actual haircut. The guy was cutting my hair long time and only with scissors! No machine! My hair looked classical style.  The most scary thing was when he was about to shave my neck. He took out a razor with exchangeable blades and then started shaving. Didn’t see if he actually changed the blade, so I was really scared not to get cut. I’ve heard there was a big risk of getting HIV in china with razor blades, but not sure how much it was true. I almost stopped breathing, that I wouldn’t move an inch. Finally, when it was all over I could relax.

On my way to hostel I grabbed fried dumplings for 5 RMB in the street. Street food is really amazing here! They were very delicious, with some herbs and quite greasy. I even splashed all the grease on my clothes. The taste of the meat was a bit strange though. It tasted a bit sweet. They say only dog and human mean tastes sweet… Oh well.

I bought some peaches. For 3 of them I have paid 18 RMB, but it was really worth it! Perfectly ripe and so delicious!

Now it is raining outside. Pouring really heavily. I hope the streets will not get flooded. So I am staying in hostel. It is good that this is towards the end of my holidays haha