10 things I love about China

10 things I love about China:

1. In small spaces the Chinese are very friendly and hospitable. Not applicable on the train or in mass gathering places (parks and etc.)
2. Food is amazing! I loved the jelly fish and prawns!
3. Street food is the best (so far!). Especially at night you can get amazing street food. Why we don’t have them in Lithuania? Just Kebab…
4. Drinks are expensive in the clubs, but if you are friendly the local will pay for your drinks 🙂
5. Good public transport in the cities. Among cities it takes time, unless you fly.
6. Clubs are working all days of the week!
7. If someone is in your way you can push. It is normal in China to push each other.
8. You can bargain and bargain, even when you are buying the water!
9. Street names are in English in many places. Metro plan as well in English.
10. If you wan to rent a motorcycle you don’t even need driving licence, just because you are a tourist.