10 things I hate about China

10 things I love about China:

1. People driving without rear lights at night.
2. Traffic rules do not apply to anybody.
3. Rip off the tourist the way you can and make him pay for things that are normally free. Sell to the tourist 4 times the price.
4. Spitting in the train and everywhere else.
5. Throw the trash anywhere you want, someone else will gather it.
6. No need to speak English
7. Sideways toilets (so that everyone can see how much you poop) and no doors (open door policy in public toilets!)
8. Let’s play some awful song in the train or bus, start shouting and let’s drive!
9. Block the Facebook and YouTube, since it is bad for communism!
10. Shout as much  as you can, so you would be the loudest in the street or the train!