Day: July 23, 2009


10 things I hate about China

10 things I love about China: 1. People driving without rear lights at night. 2. Traffic rules do not apply to anybody. 3. Rip off the tourist the way you can and make him pay for things that are normally free. Sell to the tourist 4 times the price. 4. Spitting in the train and everywhere else. 5. Throw the …


Small dreams come true

I have been sitting in the bus for 2 hours 30min already. Had a short nap as well. All day I was dreaming about watermelon, but then I didn’t want to take it up to the mountain. Unexpectedly one of the bus drivers started carrying and offering watermelon for everyone and free of charge! Very …


The Solar Eclipse (continued)

Everything has started on 21st July. First we have tried out our cameras with Steven, colleague from United Kingdom. Everything looked perfect. Bright sun disc in the image. We have packed and went to have lunch into nearby restaurant. I think I told you about the bony fish already that was delicious but got stuck …