Disco in Guangzhou

Here I am sitting with my backpack and waiting for my pork and drinking strange taste tea, but this story is not about that.

Yesterday I thought I will not be able to leave the hostel as it was raining so strong and the wind was super strong! The flower pots were turn down and even I got a hit with a branch to my head. The wind blew so strong that I didn’t have time to move, but alright – I am fine. Also, while I was waiting for the rain to stop I felt that my back doesn’t feel good from that heavy backpack. In the morning was taking pain killer again. Must be the fault of the air conditioner.

So all day I spent being lazy, went to eat, came  back and slept more. Must be I needed some rest.

Accidentally I met with one foreigner living here and he have offered to go out to the best Disco. We took a cab and went there. Going by taxi is an interesting experience, while it is turning on the bends in 80km/h speed. Since all city is covered in elevated highways, so it was much faster by taxi than by metro.

So we get off at the club. The blue neon lights outside. We go in and it is so bad! There is some people inside, but not much. We drink some beers and we go to another club. As he said VIP one, just like in Sanya. Eventually we arrive to the other club, but here it is the same. The RMB music is not my thing. The beer in here was 50 RMB, while my lunch costs 10 RMB. Somehow this place is extremely overpriced. Even in my hostel 550ml of beer is 4 RMB and even tastes better than in that club.

I was enjoying my evening and drinking and suddenly some pretty lady appears next to me. Doesn’t look Chinese by the looks. She kept looking at me and then she started using her phone. I saw the menu on the phone was English. Suddenly she raised her drink and says lets cheer. So we did. We started talking, where she’s from and  etc. She mentioned from Philippines.  Somehow, her being so sweet was very suspicious and she started touching my shoulders and being too close to me. Then she started asking if I am a businessman and which hotel am I staying. Meanwhile, that guy that I came with whispers into my ear “She is not she, it’s he”. I think damn! She looks so feminine! How I didn’t understand that! Once I looked at her female friends then I could see the masculine features on the face. Such fun! At that time, she started offering to go the bed together. I was explaining that I am staying just in a hostel in a shared room. She kept insisting and asked me “What are your plans tonight?”. Then I told her that I am going to sleep early since I am getting up early tomorrow. Finally, she goes away.

After awhile some female friends of my friend comes in. They start dancing on the tiny stage. I am kind of tired and bored. Suddenly the Chinese girl jumps on my neck and says “Let’s be friends!”. Furthermore she goes to check where is her friend and disappears. My new friend comes back from the stage with his girls and dragging me to dance on the stage. Oh well, I had enough beer, so I jump on the stage and start dancing. It was fun! I haven’t danced like that for awhile! I danced the way I know and his friends were super friendly. One girl dancing from one side and another from another. The crowd gets into mood and more and more people starts dancing. Must be us! So we danced until 4:30 am! I said goodbye and took taxi back to hostel by 5:00 am. I even felt asleep couple of times in the taxi, since I was tired and tipsy from all the beers.

By the way, they just brought my dish! It is amazing! Sweet sour pork, just like in our restaurants in Vilnius Guangbo. Interesting fact, that here it is called Thai pork. Maybe the pig was from Thailand?