Skyscrapers in Guangzhou

Yesterday evening I came up with an idea to go to a big book store and maybe buy a book to read, since sometimes I am bored in the train, when I am sitting for 20 h and thinking.

I found it quite easily that book store. 5 store building for a book store! Anything you want! I also have found a whole section in English! Tolstoy, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Dickinson you name it. A lot of fantasy books. Lord of the rings and Harry Potter were among them. I couldn’t choose anything from that variety and also it was quite expensive. Any book was over 100 RMB and I have to save until the end of the trip. Also the clothes do not dry with this weather so I will have to buy T-shirts again. I have bought the Art of war. Tiny book but very old.

After the book store I walked around and saw the skyscraper area! It looks amazing at night! I saw all kinds of skyscrapers! All different shapes, heights and with penthouses on top.

A lot of construction going on around. Difficult to find things. I was looking for electronics store. I was going into all directions. Numbers are random on the buildings. Here it was 99 and then 251, just cross the crossroad and then 505. No 400-eds.

I walked around wondering and in the end just took a metro back to hostel. Disappointing!

The speaker in the metro was saying that some station is not working. Couldn’t get it clearly.

Everyone was staring at me in the metro. I felt somewhat uncomfortable. There was a Chinese guy standing in front of me and it looked like he wanted to talk to me, but was too shy. Suddenly another Chinese from my side says “Hello”. I turn around and there is a drunk guy talking to me. He was saying “How do you do?”. I answered and asked the same and then he starts talking Chinese. I guess s that was all he knew in English. I apologised and told him that I don’t speak Chinese.

Some children even were pointing the finger at me sometimes. So funny! I feel so exotic!

I was walking in the night streets and they are so busy! All street covered with tables, which are not there during day time. The streets at night turns into night restaurants.

I didn’t feel eating Chinese, so I ate burger at KFC.

I kept hearing “Hello” from random people in the streets, but I guess that’s all they knew.

Later I turned into a path by the river and saw amazing view! All town glowing in lights! So beautiful! I could see the skyscrapers far away and lit riversides and couples on the benches everywhere holding hands or laying in each other kissing each other. Here it was my  hostel.

I came back to the room. The room-mates are boring. They are not talking to me.

Tomorrow I am going to Hangzhou. I’ve got just a hard seat today. They told me that the seats should be numbered. Well I am going to try that extreme experience for 20 hours!  I am supposed to leave 2:00 pm and arrive 7 am. That would be 17 hours!  Taking into account that the trains are almost every time late here so it will be around 20 hours.

It is raining heavily outside. Very strong wind and lightning so really don’t want to leave my hostel. I was planning to go the park with old relics. I guess not going to see them. Here in the lobby it is warm, dry and cosy. Don’t want to move anywhere.