Beautiful Guangzhou

I have met a Spanish guy near computers in the hostel and we started chatting. Why I meet interesting people when they are leaving? Maybe because everyone is backpacking and going all different directions. That is the beauty of backpacking.

I went out to eat something. I got really fatty noodles for 7 RMB. Well that was cheap! I have spend for water and Cola per day much more. I bought some some tea in one shop and it was so strong tea! You can almost get high!

I also went to one of the oldest temple, with a lot of Buddhas and one of them was 10 m height! It looks really impressive! I could feel the peace in there. Everyone is praying and burning incense. Later some local monk with nuns started praying. It was a very strange experience as it felt as they are knocking on a table with a rhythm. ┬áCan’t explain it!

People burning incense

The entrance was just 5 RMB. By the entrance one monk sold me a medallion for 20 RMB. He kind of tricked me by showing it to me first and saying it is for good luck and then ask money for it as a sacrifice.


There was a Russian guy in the temple. We spoke couple sentences and then he disappeared.

After that I went to the temple of Five immortals.  There were five statues and one uniting them all.

It wasn’t worth going so far! It is good that I walked through People park before and it was kind of relaxing. Everyone dancing and singing. Everything beautiful and entertaining.

Temple of Five immortals

Later I was looking for the pedestrian street. Basically I have walked in a big circle. Later I bought a compass and was walking with it. Then I found it easily.

I took a metro back to hotel, took a shower and to rest a little bit. On my way I ate a burger from one of the street food stands. It was good!

The city looks quite western. Everyone more or less follows the traffic rules and traffic lights. Police is watching for pedestrians not to go on red and same for the cars!

Everyone is starring at me in the streets. Not many tourists. I’ve met just two in the streets.