Rushing to Sanya station

I just had a amazing meal of clamps. It was so delicious! Just I had an impression that they all jumped out of the pot when they were boiling, since mainly only shells were left. Quantity wise it was very little. I also took some fried pork, which was cheap and delicious too. For everything I have paid 57 RMB, but since I was sharing, so not too bad.

Clams for lunch

Fried pork

On my way to hostel I bought some leeches and mango. For both I paid just barely  18 RMB and it had twice of leeches as last time. In other words, last time I was ripped off.

I have gathered my things and head to train station. I ought bus no. 4 and wasn’t sure if it was going to the right direction. I was hoping it is!  I tried in the bus to show and ask, but nobody could understand me. I was so stressed. I took Lonely Planet and the map of Sanya. It looked like that I was heading towards the right direction. The streets seemed to be the same where we have passed with motorbikes yesterday. It was not much time until the train and I was already for 30 min in the bus! I saw people running through the road and standing in between busses in the middle of the road. I also saw a kid who was hit on a bike. A lot of people were around him. Everyone in the bus also started starring. As curious as Lithuanians. Human nature I guess.

I kept going on the bus and no end to it. It was 15 min until train left and I was planning to be 30 min before train. Suddenly the bus starts going in really abandoned roads. I started doubting if that’s the right way to the train station. Sometimes it looked liked the bus is going to flip over.

Here it was the train station! I get off and run! I dropped my bag for X-Ray to enter the station, grab it and run towards the gate. There people showed me where to go. It looked like a stadium not a train station! I bet an air-plane could land in this concrete square!

I got into the train and the guy moved away from my bed. Good! Now it was mine!

After 5 min the train leaves. I felt lucky! I made it! Train goes through hills and tunnels.

Some experiences from taking the bus in Sanya:

Scenario 1: two kids standing and peeing on the street in a really busy street.

Scenario 2:  bus driver opens the window, coughs and spits through it, not even looking who is out there. Street full of cars. Lucky me it wasn’t me there on the motorbike!

Scenario 3: either a bus driver or some passenger is always on a phone shouting loudly in Chinese. So noisy and so usual in here!

I think I should learn some Chinese. In such a long time I have learned 3 words! Shame on me!