On the train to Hai’angang

I have slept a little bit in the train. Sunset was amazing and even took some photos from the train. The train is very loud, crowded with local people.

Suddenly it got really hot. They switched off the air conditioning. It is because they are loading the train to the ferry!

Huge ferry! It looks like the train carriages are going to a massive warehouse.  Two carriages already loaded. Our train is over 20 carriages!

I feel the fresh breeze!

They secure the carriages once inside of the ferry. Locked to the ground firmly. They screw the carraiges to the floor! Must be due to the waves in the sea, that it wouldn’t fall over!

I am really getting sick. I am shivering all the time and strange feeling in the heart area. Must be the flu from the cold. I hope not the swine flu! If I will have fever, they will not let me out. I hope it will pass in couple days. Also, had  a pain ache! Took some pain killers and it seems better. I hope it will stay that way!

Another train carriage loaded to the ferry. Splitting the train.