Leaving Sanya

I have already checked out from that horrible Blue Sky International Youth Hostel. Last time went for a swim in the Chinese sea. I even managed to sunbath a little bit on the sandy beach. I’ve lost my cap. Oh well, I wouldn’t have taken it with me back to Lithuania anyway. I have paid for it only 5 RMB.

I’ve just ran the calculations of my money. My budget looks skim. I will have to save a little bit for the rest of the days. I think I will have to skip some of the paid museums in some cities. I still not sure if I am heading to the yellow mountains.

Coldplay is playing in the reception. It is so nice to hear English and not Chinese songs! I feel so relaxed after the swim in the sea. I think all my sunbathing just washed off in the sea. All my bruises from my arse and arms are almost gone (my epic jump from Dragon bridge!). I think I’ve got a proper cold as at night I feel feverish and outside it is 30°C. Once I get in the train need to take the Coldrex pills again.

I also need to go to the shop before I leave to buy some food and water for the trip. The trip is long until next morning. Now I really want to leave Sanya, because of heavy rain in here! Today it is going to rain here as well. Hope not that time when I am going to the train station!