Chill out morning in Sanya

It is beautiful morning just before leaving to Guangzhou. No new experiences today! Unless I will have to chance the train ha ha ha

Yesterday evening we went to eat after we came back.  I’ve decided to order some seafood.

You choose from aquarium what you want to eat.

Food aquarium

There was one sad grab and all tied up so he wouldn’t scratch somebody. It looked so sad!

Sad crab to be eaten

Today during the lunch I took some pictures of those aquariums.  It is full of fish, eels, clams and other sea beings, just you name it! Looks very interesting!

Clams for lunch

Fish to be eaten

So we took some prawns and some fried pork. It was very delicious! Prawns were a bit spicy, but I must admit very tasty!  All hands were dripping in oil. Pork was also yummy! Fried with celery. You can get a lot of new ideas for new recipes. By the way the lunch was delicious as well! Some clamps with fried pork!

Fried pork

Clams for lunch

I am waiting until my friend will come and we will go to have breakfast and then to the beach. One man is playing guitar in the yard and such chilled out atmosphere. So relaxing! The other evening we heard one man singing by the beach in the dark. I don’t know if he was drunk, but he was singing from really deep inside.

I remember dreaming tonight something, but can’t exactly remember what. Had to get up during the night as it was so hot and I woke up all wet. Tried to turn on air conditioning. Damn it! It took me 15 min until I managed to turn it on! I have tried to unplug from the socket and to take out batteries from remote control and then miraculously it turned on. The rest of the night I slept really good. I think I’ve got cold from the rain the other day, so probably I was getting a little bit feverish, hence sweating. I took couple tablets of Coldrex just in case and today seems fine.

I hope to sleep well in the train. I have the lower bunk bed. I hope they will not be getting up early and sitting on my bed. That would be annoying.  Good thing that I am getting off the train at 7 am. I will have a lot of time in Guangzhou.  I hope to meet same interesting people like in Sanya to spend time together.

To be honest, I am a little bit tired of Sanya already. The weather is getting cooler and raining a lot and no Sun. All new friends have left already, so a little bit sad alone in the hostel. Time to leave!