Strange night in Sanya

All day I have spent in the bed, because it was raining heavily. Only 7:00 pm we went for a swim in the sea. Jumping through the waves again. The waves were quite high. Also was surfing with a surfboard where you have to lay down on it.

In the evening all hostel sat down to eat on the roof top, though the barbecue was cancelled. We had a chance to taste all kinds of different dishes, but since we were late we’ve got only vegetarian ones ha ha ha.  We drank some beer and went to Rainbow bar. They love rainbows in here and it is not associated with LGBT in the slightest.

There was  happy hour in the bar. First we were playing the drinking games. Somehow these drinking games make you drunk in 10 min and then you are too drunk to play them. Couple of Danish girls have joined our table. I was asked again where I am from by an English guy and of course he didn’t know what is the capital. Had to tell him it is Vilnius! He then continued asking if I know what is the capital of Northern Island, Wales and Scotland.  I replied if he knows the capitals of Lithuanian regions like “Zemaitija”, “Suvalkija and etc. Somehow he got stuck on those capitals. Anyway, but that time I needed to go to the loo, so I just disappeared. Later on went to play pool. Two French guys from hostel wanted to join us to play. So me and Polly we were trying to fight them back in the team. They tried their best bending in all the positions on the table. Everyone there was laughing and whispering  “not sexy”.  One of the French was telling that he is a Physicist, working with renewable energy sources and he was telling how it is cool and etc. He kind of sounded arrogant

The bar was closing down, but the owner offered us to go to one club, which is working till 4 am. So we grabbed a taxi to the club! Once we arrived there we had to pass security and metal detectors. Luckily I didn’t beep, so no extra touching. Inside it was very beautiful! The walls are shining, screens everywhere!  Never seen anything like that! Bartenders keeps the clients occupied talking with them and having shots together if they lose the game that they are playing with the clients! I’ve noticed the bartenders were winning most of the time!

We were wondering around the club until Polly has joined to one local group. Here it goes… free drinks, pouring to everyone. We drink, drink. Walking again. Drinking in another side again. Tables everywhere, since in the club everyone has their standing tables where they play drinking or other card/dice games. No big dancing hall, just tables. Are the Chinese to shy to dance?

There is a narrow stage where people climb from time to time to dance. That’s where the French guys ended up dancing. There was a singer who was singing all nights. All place was really cool.

Around 3:30 am we got back to hostel. I wanted to eat so much! I was literally starving! I could still see ripples in my eyes from all those little lamps in the club. The ears were deaf completely – all I could hear was buzzing.  So I took street food! Barbecue calamari and pieces of beef on the skewer. Calamari wasn’t so good… still hungry. Just across the street I saw a woman selling dumplings. She even gives vinegar on top. It was half price compared to skewers and it was so  delicious. We ate, bought more, ate and bought more. Can’t remember how many times, but it was so good! They give them in a plastic bag.

In hostel 4:00 am. Straight to bed.