I am on a real motorbike!

The morning comes and the horrible hangover with it from yesterdays party. Somewhat I feel still drunk. My mates decide to rent the petrol motorbikes. I chose a cool one. The maximum on the speedometer is 120 km/h, but I think in reality it will reach  maximum 90 km/h.

I am afraid to sit on it. I wanted the automatic one, since I don’t know how to use the clutch. Never driven a motorbike like that. However, there is no time and if we want to go somewhere we need to go. The automatic one broke down just at the same moment when we were renting. So I take the petrol one. Whenever I ignite it it goes off. I don’t know how to switch gears. I asked the lady in the hostel if I can drive a petrol motorbike, since I have only car driving licence. She said “You are tourist, so police will not stop you. You will be fine, everyone is driving them here”.

We are leaving hotel. My hands are shaking and holding firmly to the handles. Polly sat down in the back and the German girl Ane on another motorbike. So the moment we leave the yard, my motorbike jumps into front and I can’t stop it. It behaves like a wild horse! A child in my way and I am shouting, but somehow he managed to bend and escape the wheels. I am so scared! I barely touched him with a mirror. Everyone is alright. I go a little bit further and Polly says “Can I get off now? I am scared”. So I give her back her money, since we rented together.  She goes back to the hostel and we are going for adventure.

We were going very long to one direction. After 15-20 km I have learned how to use the clutch and switch gears! Somehow before I  managed to switch them just moving the gear with the feet at certain moments. Ha ha ha. Several times the motorcycle was making strange noise, but maybe because I wasn’t using clutch in the beginning.  Also, one time I removed the key, but the engine of motorbike was still working without it. Such fun! So turns out I can start the motorbike without the key! Chinese miracles!

We were going on highway and saw that the rain from yesterday had flooded the road. We managed to pass that big puddle of water and turned to the smaller road. After that we turned again and in front there was a police standing, so I turned again just to avoid them. Somehow didn’t want to have any business with them. So we kept going further, small houses, river and suddenly we see the sign Military Base.  Spiked fence around the entrance of the road. We were considering to go further as there is no gates or anything, but good we didn’t. We took some pictures and went back.

It started raining. We were very close to hostel and we need to turn to the left, but there are so many cars that it is a mission impossible. So we kept going for 3 km further and the sky just breaks down and starts raining cats and dogs. I am wet completely in couple seconds! The skin even hurts from these huge rain drops! I couldn’t see where to turn around. So frustrating! In the end, we found a round about and turned around. I can’t see where I am driving because of the rain! Trying to avoid the cars and buses. I am so scared! That feeling going through the heart every time when you think “This is it. This is the end!”. Finally, we get to the hostel. All wet: socks, underwear and everything else. I jumped into the hot shower as I was really cold.

Actually, later in the hotel the woman told us, that somebody accidentally went to far on that road and the military guys came in to hotel to perform the search in the room. They thought that the guys was some sort of the spy. Imagine… they can put you into jail and no one ever will hear about you in some God forgotten Sanya. Well to be fair it says “Overseas visitors No Entry”.