Polly birthday

Everything started with Polly’s, the girl from England, birthday. During all day I even had no time to eat normally! So all day just street food. For dinner I had kind of a kebab – arepa. It was delicious though! Inside with noodles, egg and vegetables.

I wanted to make a small surprise for Polly, so I ran off to bakery to buy a small cake. We even lit couple of candles! She was so happy! It was a real surprise!

Later on we have played a drinking game. There was girls from Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, England in the crowd, so the crowed has gathered quickly to the table outside of the hostel. We played and played and drank and drank more, until you really need to go to the WC, but to go to the loo you need to get card of 8. I was lucky couple times, because was given the card twice by other people. Later on, two guys from Belgium and Netherlands joined our game. Anyway, there was many people around the table and the alcohol ran out too quickly. We were drinking Banja (Chinese vodka), Lithuanian vodka and local beer. One task of the game was to spit the content of the mouth the mouth of Polly. I drank for a second and she was like “No, swallow it was too long in your mouth”. So I had to brush my teeth, drink and immediately spit in her mouth…. it was a bit disgusting…

After drinks were finished went for a swim to the sea. I really enjoyed jumping through the waves. There was a moon in the sky and stars and it seems like Jupiter! Beautiful! In the end, English and Swedish guys said let’s go swimming naked. Oh well, I undress and jumped in the water. It felt so liberating swimming in the moonlight in the Chinese sea.

We came back to hostel after the swim and I realised that I lost my swimwear. I had to go back to the beach to get them. I couldn’t find them. I got really upset and was getting back home, but suddenly I saw something near the street food table. Then I remembered that I was looking what to buy to eat, because I was so hungry so I must lost them there. I got back and the party crowd disappeared. One Belgian guy convinced me to go to the club. First one was closed, another one was too far and we wanted to eat (again!). We decided to take a taxi (~5 RMB) and go to McDonald! Across all town! Well it is kind of the only reliable place at night, where you know you will not have food poisoning at night. The Big Mac was amazing! After we ate we lost all energy to go to the club.  We need a taxi back. One motorcycle taxi stops with sidecar. That’s taxi! The guy explained her how to go to hostel and she said Okey I know. I even gave hostel business card. Somehow my intuition was telling me that she cannot read. It turns out I was right. She was taking us to the opposite direction! I was quite drunk so I really didn’t care, but still I remembered that it was the wrong way. She stopped to ask local people. We also asked where to go. Finally, we were going in very long alley, which was really beautiful and I really didn’t care anymore where I am going and was gazing to the stars and sky, the Moon. The wind was blowing into my face. So relaxing.  Feels like flying.

Finally we got back to hostel. She wanted to charge as 30 RMB, which was a lot! We bargaind down to 20 RMB angrily as she got us lost. Just got into my bed and felt asleep. In the morning the housekeeper woke me up.