Almost arrested in Sanya

I almost got arrested! Just because I wanted to take a picture of the alley which was filled with military guys dressed in white. It looked nice all street full of militants.  I figured it would look nice white uniform with green palms. I walked a little bit away, not to be too intrusive, but I guess deep inside I knew that I shouldnt’ do that. So I took the camera and was about to take a picture and one of them saw it. He ran to me shouting and saying something and trying to grab my camera. I was telling him that I just wanted to take a picture of alley! He told me that I am not allowed to take pictures here! He went away… pffff… I was really scared!  He could have broken my camera or taken it away or even arrested me! Later on several busses full of militants have passed. Must be high rank militants. Must be that’s why I was not allowed to take pictures.

I just got cold sweat from fear and outside is so hot!

I was just going to the post office, which took me some time to find as it was hiding behind the trees…


Sanya, Palms with no militants