The goodies in Sanya

First morning in Sanya. All roommates are still sleeping. We were planning to go on bicycles in Sanya. There is a beautiful pathway through the parks in Sanya. It should be a good entertainment. In the evening we might go fishing to the sea. You can book the fishing adventure here. As long as you pay you can get pretty much anything and the prices are quite low.

I was also thinking to go scuba diving. Though, I am not sure about it. One dive costs 100 RMB (~12 pounds). Just I am not sure if I want that. So many adventures you can book here! You can fly over the Sanya with a para-glider, you can go fishing or scuba diving or take a boat to Monkey Island.

I am not sure what I am going to do today. We shall see. I was thinking to make my stay in Sanya shorter, but finally decided to stay. I just need to book the tickets back, since it is very difficult to get train tickets!  I don’t want the bus anymore and I am so glad I didn’t go for that boat trip on the river for 3 days. In such heat and high humidity I would have suffered.

This morning I have noticed the bruises on my hands. I have no idea where they came from. Must be in the bus the bed was so small that the rails pushed into my arms and left marks. Another option is that when I was surfing laying on the board. Not the real surfing just laying on it ha ha. The waves here are so incredible! Also, I have noticed that the water is really salty as it really burns the eyes.

Yesterday four of us went for a stroll in the seaside. Different bars playing music, lighted in small lamps, like Christmas Tree. Local merchants selling green lasers and they look quite powerful as well! Also they cost 800 RMB (100 pounds!), but once you start bargaining it drops to 100 RMB. I am pretty sure you can go down to 50 RMB. I have one for astronomy purposes at home, though it is not so powerful, but I don’t need another one. So we walked on the we sand looking on the wavy sea, but all we could hear was the music from the bars, but once we moved further away the music from the bars faded and we could hear the sound of the sea. I was walking back in silence, putting feet behind the feet, just because I was so tired and wanted to drop dead in the bed, which I did once I reached it!

There is a lot of signs in Russian here. Must be because so many Russian tourists coming here and you can actually meet them in the street. Even locals are shouting in Russian “Pokuipaite safrani”. Bizarre isn’t it? The most funny thing has happened when we went to the pharmacy to buy some anti-malaria pills. Sanya is not in the risk zone, but still if we go to the forests it is beter to be safe. So we have tried to explain what kind of pills we want. First she thought that mosquito has bitten us. Later on she gave as Coldrex from common cold. After that I saw they had a list

The path to the hostel

of diseases in some languages and I grabbed the Russian one. At the same moment the pharmacist said  “Govorite po ruskim?”, which means “Do you speak Russian? I burst into laughter from her accent and unexpected phrase! I hardly could understand what she was saying. Even though she spoke Russian, sometimes I was almost sure she was speaking Chinese.  Finally, we found out that she had no idea what we should take from Malaria. She gave some antibiotics that you can take from intestine or stomach infection. Maybe it will do the trick? As one of the prevention pills is Doxycycline actually.

Russian titles on posters

So far that much about Sanya. I will inform you about the latest developments soon!